Colombia part III: volcanoes and coffee

Coming from the Caribbean coast, arriving in Manizales was like arriving in another country. Cooler weather, mountains, clean streets and modern buildings. I spent a few days here, staying in the highly recommendable Mountain House hostel, enjoying the vibe of this city and visiting the Nevado del Ruiz volcano and Hacienda Guayabal, a coffee plantation. Both places showed two very different sides of Eje Cafetera (the name of this region).

Nevado del Ruizcoffee plants..

The trip to Nevado del Ruiz was long, expensive, mostly done by bus and literally breathtaking (we got to an altitude of 4800m). But it showed some very interesting landscapes, and I got to walk in the snow. I met some cool people from Argentina, Germany and Switzerland during the tour.

frailejón plantsIMG_1591.JPG

our guide and two girls I was hanging out with

Nevado del Ruiz

Nevado del Ruiz
Nevado del Ruiz

Nevado del Ruiz - at 4800m - here I celebrated my winter this year, for about 30 minutes

Nevado del Ruiz - Colombians seeing snow for the first time

The highlight of these few days was the visit to a coffee plantation, at Hacienda Guayabal. We literally walked through the whole process of coffee production, all of that in one of the most beautiful areas of Colombia.
I tried the coffee, which is supposed to be the best in Colombia, at the end of the tour. But I couldn’t say it was all that great. Then again, I’m not a good judge, because I don’t like coffee at all!

the guide and two girls I did the tour with

more coffee beanscoffee plant in bloom


..and more coffee plants



coffee beans in various stages

I really enjoyed my time in Manizales and there are so many things to do in the area, that I easily could have stayed a few days longer, but a new volunteer project was waiting for me in Medellin, so no time..


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4 Responses to “Colombia part III: volcanoes and coffee”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Such good pictures, Edwin!! looks like amazing stuff.

  2. Li@ Says:

    Wat leuk om ook jou in de sneeuw te zien staan!! Hier schieten wij momenteel veel plaatjes van het prachtige winter-wonderland maar zo te zien mis jij dat niet daar.
    Nog een hele mooie tijd Edwin en geniet van al het goede!
    Warme groetjes van Li@

  3. Joke, Double Sound Says:

    Hallo Edwin,

    Ik lees je verslagen al die tijd al en geniet van je prachtige foto’s!! En ik dacht ik zal nu eens een berichtje achterlaten om je gedag te zeggen.
    Een goede reis verder en ik hoop je weer te ontmoeten als je terugbent en een keer langskomt bij Double Sound?!!

    groetjes Joke

  4. learn the facts here now Says:

    learn the facts here now…

    a journey called life » Blog Archive » Colombia part III: volcanoes and coffee…

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